An Introduction

I have no idea what I’m doing here…and it’s all my brother’s fault.  You see, about a year ago, I got this hare-brained idea that I would write a book so I sat down at the keyboard and stared at a blank page for quite some time.  What would I write?  An adventure story with good guys and bad guys trying to outwit each other?  Maybe a love story brimming with steamy romance and exotic locales?  Nah, too much work…since I am innately lazy.  What eventually made its way onto the blank page was a disorganized collection of anecdotes, random thoughts and observations, stream of consciousness stuff (when I could string together enough sentences to make an actual stream), likes, dislikes and such.  In other words a load o’ crap written by a cranky old bastard known to absolutely no one outside his own family, co-workers and a few friends.  Oh, yeah, and the guy who delivers frozen food to my house.  And the mail carrier. And my doctors.  Oh, and there’s Candy and Brittney who take turns cutting what’s left of my hair.  Okay, okay, maybe there are a few people who might know who I am.  Oh, yeah and there’s my dog.  But maybe he doesn’t count because he doesn’t really know who I am.  He just knows if he needs a scratch on the belly I’m the guy.  If his water bowl is nearly dry or the food bowl low on stock, I’m the guy.  If he wants to go outside and play, I’m the guy with the balls.  And for all you Humane Society types, no he doesn’t have any of his own.  So, anyway, having typed my little fingers to the bone, I printed out the fruits of my labor.  Guess what?  I realized no sane person would pay to read this crap!  My budding technicolor dreams of hawking my best-selling tome with Jay Leno were now mere black and white prints of a broken man.  Enter the aforementioned brother…

A few months ago, he sent me a link to his fresh new “blog” My Not so Daily Rants and Raves and that’s when I bumped into the light bulb above my head.  And that’s why you, dear readers, now have the exquisitely divine pleasure of sharing the stew that simmers in my brain.  And it’s free!  Just remember, most of the time you get what you pay for.  No, don’t thank me….thank my brother.


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