Mrs. Geezer buys donuts and muffins

My wife was asked to bring donuts and muffins to work one day for a little celebration for a co-worker.  So, on her way to work that morning she stopped at the donut shop that America runs on.  She was greeted by a young lady who took her order for a dozen donuts and half a dozen muffins.  The girl dutifully filled a box with a dozen donuts which she placed on the counter.  Mrs. Geezer then watched as the girl filled a smaller box with FOUR muffins and brought them to the counter.

“I need a half dozen of the muffins,”  Mrs. Geezer reminded her.

“Yes,” said the girl though she made no move to retrieve additional muffins.

“No,” said Mrs. Geezer, “half a dozen would be six.”

Without hesitation the young lady looked my wife straight in the eye and replied, “Not in muffins.”

Mrs. Geezer was stunned and, for a moment, speechless.   “Yes, in muffins too.  Half a dozen muffins is SIX muffins.”

“Well,” the girl harrumphed, “I’ll have to check with my supervisor,” and marched off to do so.

She returned momentarily, quietly placed two muffins in another box and, without apology, rang up the sale.

I suppose that since four muffins fill a box that holds a half dozen donuts, four muffins must be a half dozen…

I think I’ll stop by the shop and order a half dozen donut holes…  I don’t know how many will fit in that box, but I’m sure it’ll be more than six…

Happy New Year!




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