An Uncomfortable Truth About the Power of Repetition

Donald Trump instigated a war with the news media.  He and others in his regime seem befuddled that the media won’t knuckle under.  It seems incongruous in view of the fact that the very same news media, by virtue of their all Trump, all the time coverage of his campaign, helped propel his candidacy.  Rather … Continue reading An Uncomfortable Truth About the Power of Repetition


Like playing chess with a pigeon

I generally try to avoid wading into the political cesspools that populate Facebook but occasionally, when I get bored, I try to amuse myself by tangling with some of the more rabid Trump supporters.  Now, this particular guy, judging from his posts, is pleased as punch with our new President.  Greatest thing that ever happened … Continue reading Like playing chess with a pigeon

You Can’t Judge a Bill by the Title

There is currently a bill in Congress, H.R 367, titled the “Hearing Protection Act of 2017”.  Introduced by South Carolina Republican representative Jeff Duncan, it currently has 95 co-sponsors; 94 Republicans and 1 Democrat (Gene Green of Texas).   That’s more than a bit lopsided.  Why wouldn’t the Democrats be just as concerned with protecting our … Continue reading You Can’t Judge a Bill by the Title

Subverting Dissent?

Never in memory has an incoming Administration caused a level of uncertainty and unrest or generated the public and political turmoil we’re currently witnessing. Right from the start, this President has clearly demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to recognize or acknowledge any truth which differs from his.  The childlike obsession with the size of his … Continue reading Subverting Dissent?