Like playing chess with a pigeon

I generally try to avoid wading into the political cesspools that populate Facebook but occasionally, when I get bored, I try to amuse myself by tangling with some of the more rabid Trump supporters.  Now, this particular guy, judging from his posts, is pleased as punch with our new President.  Greatest thing that ever happened to America, yada, yada.  His primary talent seems to be posting disparaging memes and slinging vile personal insults brimming with derogatory terms such as “libtard”, “smarmy turd”, “snowflake”, “loser”, “pos maggit” <sp> and the like.  He rarely, if ever, posts anything even remotely factual.

The following is a portion of a recent exchange I had with Trump guy and, sadly, is typical of the course most left/right confrontations usually follow.  Okay, maybe I baited him.  A little.

Trump guy:  Trump won voted in by the people by a high margin 300 to what

Me:  300 to what?  How high was the margin?

(Aside – I elected to ignore “by the people”.)

Trump guy:  enough to win hahaha

Me:  Yes, but you said by a high margin.  Did he win by 50?  By 100?  By 200?  Do you even know?

Trump guy:  Dont care he won didnt he

Me:  Let me help you out.  He won by 74 electoral votes.  In the last 32 elections dating back to 1892, 28 of the winners had bigger margins. Only Bush in ’00 and ’04, Carter in ’76 and Wilson in 1916 had narrower victories. 13 Presidents have been elected with a winning margin that exceeded Trump’s total votes.  You could look it up…  Pretty much trashes your “high margin” assertion.

Trump guy:  Dont matter if he won by 2,he did it

Me:  Obviously, I wasn’t disputing that he won, only that your claim that it was “by a high margin” isn’t supported by the facts and makes your statement an exaggeration and factually untrue.

Trump guy:  So what he won thats what matters

Me:  The truth doesn’t matter?

Trump guy:  The truth is he won get over it

Me:  Yes, but my point is that it was by a small margin.  What do you not understand about that?

Trump guy: I understand you must be a condisending liberal lefty fucktard democRat

Me:  Since you seem incapable of admitting that his winning margin wasn’t as great as you want to believe, I’ll just leave you to continue excoriating (you might have to look that up) anyone who doesn’t agree with you.  And, if I was “condescending”, get over it.

Trump guy:  All in fun

What?  All in fun?  What kind of person derives pleasure from berating others who disagree?  What kind of person enjoys hurling epithets and personal insults?  I fail to see the “fun” in that kind of behavior.  More importantly perhaps, what’s fun about an Administration that appears both inept and out of control?

Unfortunately, it’s been my experience that there are many, many more out there just like him.  The vitriol they spew whenever challenged on a point (even one as insignificant as electoral margin) would be enough to choke a rhinoceros.

What can we learn from Trump guy and those like him?

  1. Facts present no obstacle.  “He won.” suffices to negate any and all opposing facts.
  2. They are intractable in their belief that he is America’s salvation.
  3. Trump dissenters are automatically considered genetically inferior.
  4. Democrats, by nature, are the sole source of all ills.
  5. Basic English language skills are lacking.
  6. They sometimes lack the awareness to recognize an insult.

While this is certainly not true of all Trump supporters (I hope), it appears that those who do fit this profile far outnumber and are far more vicious than similar lefties (themselves not entirely innocent of identical practices) who dare to engage them in debate.  The polarization is extreme to the point of being insurmountable.

Debating Trump guy is as productive as playing chess with a pigeon.  No matter how valid your point, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, shit all over the board and then strut around like he won.


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