A Few thoughts on retirement

A few months ago when I made the decision to retire it was quite a positive event.  I looked forward to having more free time, the ability to sleep when I wanted, wake when I wanted and to do (or not do) whatever came to mind at the time.  No more 4am wake-ups.  No more … Continue reading A Few thoughts on retirement


Trans-Pacific Partnership – Welcome to OneWorld, Inc.

If you are one of the millions of people who watch network news to find out what's going on in the world this might be news to you.  On Thursday, November 5th, President Obama expressed to Congress his intent to ratify the secretly negotiated and written Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It's okay if you're not quite … Continue reading Trans-Pacific Partnership – Welcome to OneWorld, Inc.

Liberals are “greedy”?

As I read articles (and associated comments) about Bernie Sanders and "democratic socialism", I am sometimes struck by the tunnel vision conservatives display in many of their comments.  They consistently characterize liberals as "lazy", "uneducated", "envious", "looking for freebies" or "greedy".  Two examples follow: “Yep socialist greed and envy compared to capitalism and the to opportunity … Continue reading Liberals are “greedy”?

Bernie Sanders – The man for our time?

Well, it took more than 40 years but the ol' geezer has gone and done it. I gave money to a political candidate. First time in my life.  I know, shame on me for contributing to any of those money-grubbing scoundrels. So, you might be wondering what cataclysmic event spurred such a nefarious gesture. Some … Continue reading Bernie Sanders – The man for our time?